Weekly Meals

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Gourmet Kitchen is here to make your life easy and healthy


Your diet accounts for 70% of the efforts towards a healthy, fit body, while exercise makes up for the remaining 30%. Therefore, even if you are not an athlete or lead a very active lifestyle, you can still control your energy level and mood by watching your diet alone.

Proper nutrition is the key for a healthy life. Take the initiative now and you can reach your goals. Let’s do this together!

We understand it is often hard to maintain a balanced, wholesome diet in today’s busy lifestyle and fast-paced schedules. Gourmet Fit can make your life much easier. Skip all the food preparation, grocery shopping, calories counting, portion weighting and cleaning.

Our mission is to serve delicious and freshly prepared meals that are well-balanced in terms of protein, complex carbs and essential fat portions.

People with different goals will choose Gourmet Fit – including weight loss, weight maintenance, diet restrictions, special nutrition for athletes or simply healthy eating. Whatever motivates you, we can help!

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